UPDATE: Unfortunately this course is no longer available and Open2Study short courses have been discontinued.

Starting out with photography, you obviously want to learn as much as you can without investing too much money into courses and training.

These can get very pricey, so when you can find some resources that are not only free, but extremely helpful, it is great to share them around.


I was actually put onto the course via my sister, who is currently studying a course online at Open Universities Australia and found their partner website called Open2Study.

Being a creative person and always snapping photos at family get togethers, she decided to take the photography courses herself. Eventually we ended up buying her a DSLR camera for her birthday so that she could put what she had learnt into practice.

How is the course run?

The course itself is broken up into four modules and starts with the basics of photography and digital cameras, which is perfect for beginners. Each module consists of ten topics, each offering a great video featuring Dr. Shane Hulbert who is the Deputy Head in the School of Art at RMIT University. Each topic concludes with a pop quiz, while each module finishes with a ten question assessment to test your knowledge.

I found the course extremely informative, not only with photography itself but also post production with computer software such as Adobe Photoshop.

While you don’t receive any recognised accreditation from the course, you do receive a certificate of completion as well as some great knowledge for an amateur photographer. I highly recommend it.

What is involved and where can I find it?

The course is called The Art of Photography and runs over four weeks, only requiring approximately 2 – 4 hours of study per week. Each topic can be completed at any time after enrolment, however assessments will only open on Monday of each week.

To find more information and enrol in the free course, click the button below. Feel free to let me know what you thought in the comments section at the bottom.