Digital agencies are always looking at ways to create additional income and fairly simple way is reselling domain names. With the domain market very competitive, the margins on reselling them generally aren’t very high, but considering the small effort required register and maintain them its well worth considering.

Regardless of whether you attempt to go for volume sales or selling less domains at a higher price, it is important to get the best wholesale price you can to help maximise profits.

What else should I consider?

When selecting a registrar, you should not only check their registration costs, but also their renewal prices. Some registrars will charge a low rate for the initial registration but when you go to renew the domain the price is completely different.

Finding a registrar with the right infrastructure is also key to running a successful domain name reselling service. It is recommended that you find out the following about a registrars system before selecting them as your wholesale partner:

  • Is the interface easy to use?
  • Can your clients access their own domains with their own private account?
  • Is it easy to transfer domains to the registrar?
  • Can the registrar offer a ‘whitelabel’ solutions?
  • Do they have an API for connecting to third-party sales software?

How can I compare registrars?

With the sheer number of registrars and resellers around, it can be very time consuming finding all the prices and researching all the systems they offer. Being able to see all the prices in one place and compare other users experiences and views can be very handy.

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