It is always an exciting time of year when some of the major phone makers start announcing and releasing their newest products. With the rise of social media, the rumours and speculation in the lead up to the announcement dates are off the charts, especially when it comes to Samsung and Apple.

I’ve used both Samsung and Apple devices, but my personal preference is the simplicity of the iPhone. I know not everyone has the same view and that’s fine, each to their own. In saying that, I agree that Apple are starting to play catch-up on some of the other smartphone makers.

When my mobile plan ran out in November last year, I made the calculated decision that I wasn’t going re-contract with the iPhone 5S, mainly because there weren’t many new features different from my two-year-old 4S. Just two days out from the official announcements and with all the rumours flying around about the iPhone 6, there are a few things I am hoping to see.

More screen real estate

It’s pretty much a given that the new iPhone is going to be larger and I am more happy to jump aboard the trend. I recently find myself using my phone as a computer more than a phone, having more screen real estate would be great for viewing web content, emails and viewing videos. There are strong rumours that the next iteration of the iPhone will come in two different sizes, both with a larger than the current 4 inch screen.

Wireless charging

A while back it was reported that Apple acquired a company that specialised in wireless charging, so I would love to see this implemented into the iPhone 6. I am not sure how the technology is progressing, but the thought of being able to drop your phone onto a mat or in the vicinity of a charger and have it charge your phone would be very handy.

Move the passcode cancel button

If you use the new TouchID technology, this isn’t much of an issue, but I find when entering my passcode to unlock my phone, the palm of my hand is always hitting the Delete/Cancel button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This can be very painful, as you accidentally delete numbers you have just entered. With a larger phone, this may be resolve itself by forcing you to hold the phone in a different way.

It has been a while since an iPhone release has excited me, so I’m interested to see what they throw up in a couple of days time.