I mention this a lot but what a lot of web developers tend to neglect is usability when developing a website. The admin interface for WordPress in general is fairly simplistic compared a lot of Content Management Systems (CMS), however when there is a lot of customisation involved it can turn into a confusing mess very quickly.

WordPress Admin Post List

On larger projects there can be a lot of different Custom Post Types as well as a large number of posts themselves. This is where users need to be able to search and sort through these items quickly and easily and one critical aspect in this is being able to differentiate posts from one another.

How can I manage the columns displayed for each post?

Time and time again there are products, articles etc. that have very similar titles and information so it’s hard to tell them apart in the list of posts. 

This is where a WordPress plugin called Codepress Admin Columns comes in handy.

What is Codepress Admin Columns?

Codepress Admin Columns is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage the columns in the WordPress Admin Post List screens for each custom post type your create (or the built in ones such as pages, posts, users etc).

Using a simple drag and drop interface, you can quickly arrange the built-in columns or select from a bunch of extra attributes associated with individual post types.

What is handy is that you can also add any custom fields that you have created for that post type ( which is awesome if you using something Advanced Custom Fields). It comes with a bunch of fields types, including dates, arrays, images and checkmarks to make sure your data is displayed in it’s correct format.

There is an Add On?

Yes, Codepress Admin Columns has an add-on that allows users to sort any of the custom columns that you have added to the list. This can come in useful when looking through posts using dates or any field with numerical or alphabetical data.

Although the main plugin is absolutely FREE, the add-on is around 25 euros, which isn’t too bad.

Get Codepress Admin Columns and your client will thank you.

To download the Codepress Admin Columns plugin click here.